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 inosaur could not have lived forevercv

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PostSubject: inosaur could not have lived forevercv   Sat Nov 26, 2011 11:07 am

The dinosaur could not have lived forever. No creature, plant, and
bacteria are forever, not even Homo Sapiens. Extinction is the ultimate
fate of all species. One theory on how the dinosaurs became extinct that
of carbon dioxide, or the “greenhouse effect”. The eruption of
volcanoes also proposed another theory. A massive eruption may have
saturated the atmosphere with carbon dioxide so the that a sharp rise in
temperature occurred worldwide. The excessive carbon dioxide would have
permitted solar energy to enter the atmosphere but would have blocked
the radiation of most surface heat back into space, causing the
“greenhouse effect”. rising temperatures could have killed off or
reduced the activity of plankton, disrupting food chains and also
disrupting the plankton’s normal role in converting carbon dioxide to
oxygen through photosynthesis. It would have taken long for dinosaurs to
become extinct.

Dinosaurs may have also killed themselves. It
is possible that they consumed poison from plants. The emergence of
flowering plants could have poisoned them. These plants contained
alkaloids. Smaller animals with lesser appetites could have survived the
doses, but perhaps the dinosaur could not. Most mammals are smart
enough to avoid these poison ness plants because of the bitter taste.
The dinosaurs, however, may have not had the sense or the liver. They
could not taste the bitterness or detoxify the ingested substances. This
theory is not scientifically significant because there is no way of
telling if the dinosaurs could taste, or how their digestive system
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inosaur could not have lived forevercv

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