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 How to save battery power?

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How to save battery power?  Empty
PostSubject: How to save battery power?    How to save battery power?  I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 20, 2011 1:41 am

Battery power is one of the most essential parts of laptop. More battery more jobs you can do in laptop. But it is problem of all of laptop users that battery is really down when important task is to be done in laptop. It is due to lack of knowledge to save battery power maximum.
How to save battery power?
1.Power Saver Mode-:
You must switch your windows to Power Saver Mode. The Power Saver Mode will shut off the screen after a user-defined period of inactivity, and will put the laptop into sleep mode if it is not used again within a certain period of time.
Click in Battery icon on the right side of desktop menu and choose which
power option you want. You can set your own power saver option from there.

2.Reduce the backlight-:
In most of the situations it is not necessary
to keep screen brightness maximum. If you make your screen dim it is only for few minutes (2-3) to see but after it will normal to your eyes.

3.Shut Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-:
They are one of the main sources of power
consuming. In the place where you do not needed Wi-Fi and Bluetooth then just
stop it.

4. Stop Heavy Processes-:
It is main source of power decreasing. Processes like watching movie, playing high-end 3D games, downloading files which drains the battery faster than normal.
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How to save battery power?
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