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 Haunted (3d)-2011

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PostSubject: Haunted (3d)-2011   Thu Oct 13, 2011 2:53 pm


Haunted – 3D is a 2011 Indian 3D horror film directed by Vikram Bhatt, and starring Mahakshay Chakraborty, Twinkle Bajpai, Achint Kaur and Arif Zakaria in lead roles. The film is India’s first stereoscopic 3D horror film.The promos and first look of the film was released on 7 February 2011.The film was released on 6 May 2011.


Rehan (Mahakshay Chakraborty) is sent to a mansion by his father who is in the real estate business. The mansion is being sold to a family in 10 days and there has been the death of a caretaker a few days ago. Rehan's father suspects this as the doing of their rival so he sends Rehan to investigate. He meets a rag picker on the way who tells him that only he can do it. Mysterious things happen at night. He sees a girl playing piano, who vanishes when the door is opened. Then a book drops from the bookshelf on its own and Rehan finds a letter inside. The letter, written by Meera (Tia Bajpai), tells her story from 1936 when her parents left for Delhi which resulted in her being left alone with her nanny, Margaret(Achint Kaur), a servant and a driver. In the absence of her parents, her Piano teacher Iyer( Arif Zakaria), tried to rape her. However she saved herself by hitting Iyer with a candle stand on his head, which resulted in his death. Soon, the police concluded that Meera was correct as the police recovers explicit sketches of her from Iyer's house. However Iyer returns in the form of an evil spirit, killing both the servants and the Nanny. The spirit rapes Meera repeatedly, resulting in her suicide. But, even after her death, her spirit is tortured and trapped in the mansion by the evil spirit.

After reading the letter, Rehan feel sympathetic and brings a psychic to help, but the lady leaves after realizing how strong the evil spirit is and asks Rehan to do the same. Rehan ignores her warning and stays there challenging the evil spirit by uttering its name as it is believed that uttering an evil spirit's name makes it more powerful. Next morning, when he wakes up, he finds the Rag picker in front of him who casts a spell. Rehan finds himself sent 75 years back in time to 17 August 1936, the day when Meera's parents leave for Delhi. Rehan befriends Meera by following her and pretending to be lost as he is new to the town. The next day, in order to prevent the death of Iyer, Rehan comes to Meera's house with a basket of chocolates for showing the way to city. Rehan says that he would like to listen to Meera's performance as he is also interested in music, but Iyer opposes and asks him to leave. Rehan insists on staying outside the door so that he would not interfere in their class and could still listen to the music. As Rehan listens to the music, Iyer hits him throwing him out on lawn. Then Iyer bolts the door from inside and tries to rape Meera, while Rehan tries to prevent Iyer's death. But as written in fate, Meera kills Iyer. A hurt Rehan is admitted to the hospital where he dreams about the evil spirit.

Rehan explains everything to Meera and asks her to meet him the next day at 3 noon. The next day, Rehan, Meera and Margaret meet a Church's father, who tells them that far from the town there is a Dargah, a mosque where there is a Sufi baba who could help them. He tells them to start the journey at 3 in the afternoon, because spirits have the strongest power at 3 in the morning and weakest at 3 in the afternoon. As the travelling turns out to night, the trio stays in a hotel, but the evil spirit kills Margaret and tries to rape Meera. Rehan fights it and takes Meera on the way to the Dargah. The next day, the Father is killed by a snake. Margaret's body, now owned by the spirit, tries to stop them from entering the dargah, but Rehan somehow manages to put Margaret's leg at the doorstep of the dargah thereby destroying her body. Inside they find the Rag picker, who has sent Rehan into the past. He tells them that miles away is a town which was being chanted by Khwaja and there is a well in which Meera has to show the way to Iyer's spirit which is connected to Meera by a blood stained pendant which Meera is still wearing. As they reach the town, Rehan has to drop the fire, mud, and the pendent. As Rehan is performing the act, Meera is being attacked by Iyer, but Meera anyhow manages to throw the pendant in the well but gets struk later Rehan throws the pendent in the well. After saving her Rehan falls into the well and reaches back to the year 2011. He finds another letter in the same place and gets to know that Meera lived a happy life after that event. Besides this, the haunted house is no more haunted.

I hoped after reading it's story you members really like it and want to watch it.I watched this movie 3 times and it's story is very good.Smile Smile
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Haunted (3d)-2011

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